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From modest beginnings, working from a corner of his bedroom at the start of 2017,  Robin Schultz creates Amber publications and launches its first magazine “Inside Biggles”, with a 9,000 copy print run in the August. Robin, delivers them all by hand himself. Since them, the company has grown, and continues to do so.
Amber Publications now has three regular members of staff working in its office/design studio, in Hitchin. It also employs a 30 people strong distribution team once every month. Much to the pleasure of Robin’s feet.

Amber Publications now prints a MASSIVE 32,000 copies over two magazines, every month. The Inside East Bedfordshire magazines are hand delivered to every home in Biggleswade, Sandy and Potton. The Inside Hitchin magazines are hand delivered to every home in Hitchin. Both magazines are left in local shops for collection and there are bulk drops to locations in surrounding villages of all towns.

Our magazines are read cover to cover, and enjoyed by everyone. Each magazine is individual and dedicated to the towns and villages it covers. They are packed full of interesting and beautifully written editorials, created by local professionals covering their specialist subjects. Groups, classes, clubs and events are featured in The Amber Pages segment for people to get out and about to enjoy themselves locally. A useful business directory also features in this segment. Both of these help give the magazines a long shelf-life, and are kept until the following copy takes its place.

Local independent businesses are the lifeblood of our community and we are here to help and promote their advertising campaigns and marketing needs. The magazines are a celebration of all that is great about the places we call home.

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Inside Hitchin September 2020
Inside Hitchin Magazine -  October 2020
Inside East Beds November 2020
Inside East Bedfordshire Magazine  - October 2020
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[grve_icon_box align=”center” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-pencil-ruler” icon_color=”grey” title=”FREE ADVERT DESIGN” heading=”h6″ animation=”zoomIn”]We can create you a professional advert that stands out from the crowd to feature in our magazines. This service is TOTALLY FREE when you take out an advertising package![/grve_icon_box]
[grve_icon_box align=”center” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-laptop” icon_color=”grey” title=”ONLINE PRESENCE” heading=”h6″ animation=”zoomIn” animation_delay=”400″]We promote all advertisers in the digital versions of the magazines, as well as a feature on our very popular social media sites.[/grve_icon_box]
[grve_icon_box align=”center” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-home” icon_color=”grey” title=”MASSIVE DISTRIBUTION” heading=”h6″ animation=”zoomIn” animation_delay=”600″]Our magazine distribution is unrivalled. All distribution is managed in-house, giving us total control using GPS tracking software to track the 32,000 copies delivered locally, monthly.[/grve_icon_box]
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