By taking out an advert campaign with us, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions


Acceptance for advertising with the Publisher (meaning Amber Publications Limited) will only be subject to agreement to the following:

  1. The Advertiser (meaning the person, firm or company who purchases Advertising Services directly for, or on behalf of their own client) takes full responsibility for seeking the necessary authority or permission to use any images or text on their advertisement including any sent to Amber Publications Ltd in the case of design work carried out by Amber Publications. All advertisements must comply with current applicable legislation, regulation and codes of practice. The advertiser agrees to indemnify the Publisher as a result of legal actions arising from publication of the advertisement.
  2. Copy needs to be received by The Advertiser by 20th day in the month to guarantee inclusion into that edition. The Advertiser takes full responsibility for signing off all artwork and the Publisher will not be held responsible for errors which have not been highlighted for correction. We strongly recommend all artwork is signed off by email for clarity as the Publisher takes no responsibility for content errors.
  3. The Publisher reserves the right, where forced, to amend publication dates to within a reasonable timeframe, or refuse any advertisements at any time.
  4. Payment for all advertisements is due prior to the publication going to print. The Publisher reserves the right to withdraw advertisements if funds have not been received by the 20th of the month.
  5. Advertising rates are subject to review at any time. Block bookings which have been paid for in their entirety will not be affected, however bookings placed after that time will be.
  6. To ensure the best rates, block bookings are payable in full for the entire package, prior to printing the Advertiser’s first advertisement. Later changes to individual or block advertisements will result in a surcharge equal to the current rate.
  7. On occasions the Publisher reserves the right to offer last-minute one-off discounted rates which have no bearing on standard tariffs and availability is at the discretion of the Advertiser.
  8. The Publisher does not guarantee particular placement of an advertisement except for where a premium has been paid.
  9. Any advertisement appearing to contain editorial content will have the word “Advertisement” placed next to it.
  10. In the unfortunate event of publication being delayed due external forces with either the Publisher, or other agents the Publisher may rely upon for production of the publication, such as designer or printer, the Publisher will endeavour to maintain a reasonable timeframe for distribution but this cannot be guaranteed to a particular date.
  11. In the event of an error or advertisement omission by the Publisher, the advertiser will be entitled to either a re-insertion or a proportionate refund. This does not include errors caused by misprints on artwork, which are the responsibility of the Advertiser to advise prior to going to print. This includes late notification of changes where the Advertiser advises without viewing the artwork.
  12. Artwork undertaken by the Publisher on behalf of the Advertiser remains the property of the Publisher. The Advertiser is able to purchase the artwork for an agreed and reasonable fee. Artwork produced and not used for a minimum of 6 months may be destroyed at any point after this time.
  13. Notice of cancellation of an advertisement must be received in writing (email is acceptable but must be acknowledged as received by Amber Publications) by 15th day of the month to allow adequate time for the resale of the reserved space. If the Advertiser wishes to cancel part way through an agreed advertising package, the Publisher will surcharge previous advertisements published to match the standard rate. No refunds will be made on prepaid packages. The Advertiser reserves the right to cancel a package at any time, giving reasonable notice (unless subject to events outside of the Publisher’s control). In this case the refunded rate of any unpublished advertisements will be at the package rate.
  14. In the case where exceptional invoice terms have been agreed and the advertisement has been printed, standard credit control systems will be invoked for non-payment. This may ultimately result in the filing of County Court Judgements or further action taken under the Companies Act 1985 and Insolvency Act 1986. Such action will result in Amber Publications Ltd exercising the standard right to claim interest and compensation to cover debt recovery costs. It is the Advertiser’s responsibility to dispute any invoice at the earliest possible opportunity to avoid action taking place.
  15. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time and although we will endeavour to update our Advertisers with adequate notice, Advertisers are also reminded to regularly check the Amber Publications website.
  16. Monthly copy can be viewed on the website. Hard copies are available by post for £1.00 per copy.
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