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INTERVIEWS & REVIEWS 560 420 Amber Publications

There are many talented people with interesting stories covering a range of subjects. We like to interview them and give them the spotlight

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THE MUSIC SCENE 560 420 Amber Publications

Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire have an amazing music scene. There are plenty of events going on such as open mic nights, gigs, and festivals. Read all about them!

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PLACES OF INTEREST 560 420 Amber Publications

If you are looking for a walk in the countryside on a sunny day, or a museum to spend a rainy afternoon in, you will find plenty of information to…

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LOCAL HISTORY 560 420 Amber Publications

Our dedicated historians will keep you transfixed with tales from across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

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COMPETITIONS 560 420 Amber Publications

In every edition, there is the opportunity to win a cash prize from our competition corner page. Other treats can be won throughout the year, with a variety of special…

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LOCAL SPORTS 560 420 Amber Publications

Every town and village has some form of sports team representing them, and most residents like to know how theyโ€™re getting on. We help them find out.

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FOOD & DRINK 560 420 Amber Publications

There is nothing nicer than enjoying a family meal in a country pub or a night out for cocktails with friends. We celebrate the best places to eat and drink…

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WILDLIFE 560 420 Amber Publications

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire is home to a plethora of wildlife. We collaborate with The Wildlife Trust and The RSPB to create awareness with the community.

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